Volunteers needed for Preservation Alliance wallpaper workshop at the farm- this Saturday

This workshop is being presented on by the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota.  It will be held at the Peterson farm and attendees will learn how to preserve wallpaper and do plaster repair, while working on the upper level of the Peterson house.  Want to see what the house looks like AND help to preserve the house?  Give the Heidi at the CCHS a call to volunteer.  952-442-4234.

Rehab Lab: Wallpaper and Plaster Repair

07/30/2016 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM CT
Andrew Peterson Farm
8060 Highway 5
Waconia, MN 55387

This beginner’s workshop introduces you to the materials, tools and techniques to repair vintage walls. A PAM signature REHAB LAB, we’re bringing you to Carver County’s historic Andrew Peterson Farm. The 1867 farmhouse bedrooms are in need of some TLC. Dress to get messy: this is a hands-on class! A Carver County Historical Society representative will lead us on a tour of the farm and share a bit of Peterson family history before we start working.

First we will tackle wallpaper removal. Participants will learn proper techniques for removing old wallpaper, cleaning glue off of the walls, and prepare walls to be painted. There will be demonstrations on a variety of plasters repairs, including cracks, holes in walls, and exposed wooden lathe. This is NOT a class focusing only on traditional plaster repair work. You’ll use easily accessible materials, and techniques developed to finish sheetrock that are also adaptable to repair old plaster.

Class participants will learn how to use catalytic plaster or setting plaster, often referred to in the trade as “Durabond.” This kind of plaster is mixed and sets quickly allowing for multiple coats in a single working session. We will use fiberglass tape and paper tape over cracks. We will finish our work with ready-mix topping or finish plaster. We will learn how to install 3/8″ sheet rock over exposed wooden lathe.

Please note: Class attendees will be working with original plaster and may be exposed to lead paint. Children under 18 will not be permitted to take this class. If you are pregnant, you are not advised to work with these materials. Class attendees will be given a respirator mask to keep in the kit that’s included as part of the registration fee. All class attendees must sign a waiver when they arrive.


Published by: wbiorn

I am the Executive Director at the Carver County Historical Society. The truth of the matter is, that I am not sure I want to admit to how many years I have been in this business. Suffice it to say I have a Masters degree in Public and Nonprofit Administration and began my career in the 1980s. Oops, did I say that? I was reared on a farm, and began my career working at the MNHS site, the Oliver Kelley Farm. The love of the land and history run deep in my blood.

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